ball bearing turbo upgrade Click on the photos below for more info: *Note that all AGP turbos are Ball Bearing. GT35 GT3582 T3 AR. The Gen II GTX Series Turbochargers feature a fully-machined compressor inlet, fully-machined compressor outlet, and fully-machined ported shroud. 99 – $ 869. 3 Ford Trucks Garrett PowerMax Turbo Kit- F250, F350 & Jan 04, 2014 · 3. 01mm. 4,547 Posts. Tomioka Racing's turbocharger kit is an all-in-one solution to increase power for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS and Toyota 86, now available in our proprietary Ball Bearing version. The test vehicle put down 345whp at 27. The ceramic bearing we found comes from Germany, and is of very high quality. A 360 degree thrust bearing is recommended if you intend running more than 1 bar (14. Ball bearing 4. SEPTEMBER SALE - CLICK HERE! Call Us 725-221-5267 | About Us | Reviews. - Replacement For. This gives it a huge advantage over the fixed turbo's. GTX2876r 705330-5001s upgrade ball bearing turbo. My first idea was to buy. The ceramic ball bearings also boost running speeds by 50%, offer much faster acceleration, and raise intake manifold pressure sharply for better fuel efficiency. 0 TDI Turbo Upgrade, ball bearing? Hi I'm looking for advice because I have an A5 3. GTX3071R 851154-5002S upgrade ball bearing turbo. 00; Add to cart. Low friction by using of the ceramic balls, turbocharger work capacity boosts! Ceramic ball bearing from Germany, quality reliable! Axial movement/float gap/clearance is adjusted to 0. May 16, 2005 · Joined Sep 18, 2000. 99 Regular Price $949. Replaces the small, stock journal bearing VFXX turbo. compturbo. The CTS CHRA is mated to a dual-ball bearing setup that is made from heat-resistant ceramic. The downside of ball-bearing turbos is that the CHRA is not serviceable in the United States at this time. It can also be used as a replacement for the problematic Garrett GT32 single . This high-performance 67mm turbo was designed to fulfill the demand from customers who desire a direct-bolt-on turbo for the E888 Gen3 platform. 3L Powerstroke owner that wants to get more out of their truck. NOTE: Usually Ships in 5 to 6 Weeks. 0 TFSI Ball Bearing turbo Upgrade. 64 A/R - Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo TT Z32. We tested several turbine and compressor wheel combinations . DPS Dual Ball Bearing Turbo for Dodge Cummins pickup are the quickest spooling, best performing turbocharger money can buy. 5T. $2595. Mar 20, 2017 · This technology is often found on the race track, and we have managed to make it into a direct OEM fitment on the N54 engines for the 135i and 335i. This turbo is used on most of our single turbo import turbo systems as well as an available upgrade for all of our domestic turbo systems. Home > Year > 1985 >. 84 A/R turbine housing . Forced Performance Green Journal Bearing Turbo - DSM 4. The center section is a ball bearing support with a larger shaft for greater support and strength. Thanks to it, it is possible to repair any ball Garrett and HKS turbocharger Product Description. Journal bearings, on the other hand, are simply sleeves that encase the turbo shaft and operate like crankshaft journal bearings. If you have your stock car and would like to upgrade it we are happy to hear your inquiry. 0 A/R exhaust housing to help keep EGT's down, a large 88mm compressor . Requires a core exchange (send in your old turbos). Save $200. Black Performance, is the most demanded and popular series of turbochargers from Forced-Performance. 0 tdi with 1. R365 Turbo Upgrade for 2016+ Honda Civic 1. Our inventory contains both traditional journal bearing chargers that provide an affordable a boost and ball bearing turbochargers that are efficient and long-lasting. All Turbo upgrade and rebuild Services come with a limited 3 month warranty. Upgrading to our turbos is the easiest way to get to boost faster and to stay in boost higher up in the rev range. Install is an easy process and includes gaskets and couplers required for installation. $2,949. Standard turbocharger upgrades. CNC Billet Wheel Upgrade For 70mm, 76mm or 78mm Journal Bearing Turbo +$95. 95. Assembled with our Wicked Wheel® 2 and mechanical wastegate controller, this is an upgraded brand new turbo to replace the stock GTP38 used on the Early 1999 7. The GTP38R ball bearing turbo that Garrett produces specifically for the 99-03 7. Built with the Garrett exclusive Ball Bearing Cartridge, the GTP38R provides unbeatable response, efficiency and durability especially at elevated boost levels. Elimination of the thrust bearing eliminates Failures at elevated boost levels- The 88mm GT compressor wheel provides 33% more flow than the stock 80mm wheel. PULSAR REVERSE ROTATION 7975G aka G42-1450 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo. Be the first to review this product. Ball Bearing Turbocharger GTD1752VRK - GTD1752VRK ceramic bearings ( no water cooling) adapted vacumatic. Add to Cart. Apr 20, 2020 · 1G Direct bolt-on ball bearing turbo upgrade? Posted by Rolandb246, Apr 18, 2020. Mitsubishi DSM Big 16G Turbo 2. Call 909-594-8400 or e-mail us at sales@compturbo. 4. $2,631. These turbos are capable of producing 1000 hp+ with supporting mods. 1,319. FP HTA GT3076R Ball Bearing Turbocharger 5. Application: 1/98-11/98. 7L Emperor Turbo System is a 100% drop-in turbo system for the 2011-2019 6. The RV6 R365 turbo has a power curve and characteristics of a ball bearing GTX2860 GEN 2 turbocharger. The BL54XR is fully assembled and VSR balanced in-house. *Note that all AGP turbos are Ball Bearing. I guess you could fabricate a stock turbo to accept bearings, but you would need a machine shop and then would need to fabricate the rest of the assembly to take the increased forces that would be placed on them. Big Boost BMW N55/B58/S55 Turbo Kit Ball Bearing Upgrade - Extreme Power House. Here is our rebuild kit that we use to rebuild the following turbo chargers: Garrett GT2554R GT2860R GT2871R GT3071R GT3076R Ball Bearing Turbo Rebuild Kit. 22RE Pro Turbo Kit High Boost NON Turbo Block Only with Ball Bearing Upgrade. This kit comes with all parts needed to upgrade your 7. GTX4294R 774595-5001s upgrade ball bearing turbocharger. Click on the photos below for more info: Standard turbocharger upgrades. Tomioka Racing's turbocharger kit is. For any inquiries about our OEM turbo upgrade services and or technical questions please contact one of our experienced sales representatives. JWT 530BB Turbos include all hot & cold side gaskets, H2O seals & oil gaskets. Shop tuner parts, Japanese performance parts & more. Learn more. 7L EMPEROR TURBO SYSTEM with S370 BallBearing Turbo The SPE 6. Pick all your components ala carte or make it a complete turbo upgrade with intake, exhaust, clutching, Power vision, and injectors. Ball Bearing Turbocharger Upgrade for 1999. DETAILS: Dual Ceramic Ball-bearing type. 7 platform. The center section is a ballbearing support with a larger shaft for greater support and strength. 5-2003 Ford 7. 4G Ball Bearing Turbochargers. A Turbonetics turbocharger for your diesel is an easy way to make great horsepower on your Cummins, Powerstroke or Duramax powered truck. Sep 30, 2015 · In a ball bearing setup, a set of lubricated ball bearings are encased in a housing with an inner turbo shaft cylinder that rolls on the ball bearings. We are proud to announce the release of our premium ball-bearing hybrid turbo with stainless steel exhaust housing for 2015+ MQB platform vehicles. The ballbearings have much less rolling resistance than a standard flat bearing, so they respond more quickly to exhaust gas impulses. $ 699. Not . Journal Bearing and Ball Bearing Turbocharger Rebuilds. In short, ball-bearing turbos spool much faster, operate over a wider range of pressure and flow conditions, and last longer than conventional-bearing turbos. 64 A/R - Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo TT Z32 $ 2,796 99 Jim Wolf Technology JWT # WZ320-BB530 4. It’s based on genuine Garrett GTD1752VRK turbocharger from new BMW engine B47D20 and is the perfect upgrade dedicated to the 1. IHI IS20 turbo 06K145702T, 06K145702R, 06K145702Q from Golf R MK7, AUDI S3 Turbine Wheel Feb 15, 2016 · I am leaning towards a ball bearing turbo so I can run an aggressively large size for use with the stock torque converter, yet still have good streetability. Garrett GT2560R Dual Ball Bearing Turbo - Compact - w- V-band Turbine Housing. $1,19500. Prices and photos are slowly being added, if you can't find the info, please email. 19. Assembled with the Wicked Wheel 2 and mechanical wastegate controller, this is an upgraded brand new turbo to replace the stock GTP38 used on the stock 1999-2003 7. 70 5 bolt TURBO TURBOCHARGER 500+HP COMPRESSOR BOOST UPGRADE » GT3582R Turbocharger T4 GT35 Ball Bearing Turbo Charger NON Anti-Surge 550 HP . Nov 19, 2007 · THe ball bearing and the variable geometry turbo are 2 different animals with the same purpose. As close to plug-and-play upgrade as you can get for the OM642 engine! The GTB2260VKLR is factory turbo from the most powerful factory version of the OM642 which made 265 horsepower factory. 0TFSI turbo upgrade, compatible with all 4. Select Cummins Year *. Learn More. TBP-6162XR Ball bearing 500-700HP T3/T4 turbocharger. $1,195. Description. This turbocharger offers exceptionally crisp and strong throttle response. 3L Ford Powerstrokes is by far the most popular turbo we sell. This turbo is equipped with a ball bearing chra assembly. The ball's a/r is fixed so it can only operate under one presssure input that is fixed with the wastegate. Home Austin 2021-08-25T17:28:30+08:00. The thrust bearing is under heavy pressure when the turbocharger is operating, the larger surface area of a 360 thrust bearing (as opposed to a traditional 270 degree or 180 degree unit) is better equipped to cope with these axial loads. ·. Ball-Bearing Turbo Upgrade Kit. It features a 4" intake along with a custom silicone adapter hose, a ported shroud intake housing which helps control surging, a 1. This unit is in stock and ships same day. Innovation of the Ball Bearing turbos began as a result to work with Garrett Motor Sports group of many racing teams. This system is the perfect solution for the enthusiast wanting the reliability of a non- VGT turbo or the ability to support more power with their 6. UPGRADE TURBOCHARGE. TorqueCars strongly recommend a ball bearing based turbo unit - they spool up faster, tolerate higher speeds and hotter temperatures. The TR Turbo has billet compressor wheel that is 20% larger over factory wheel and wheel-blade that is 17% longer than . 3L. 00 €. 0L Powerstroke Diesel. 3mm Ball Bearing 6+6 blade Billet Turbo Compressor Wheel For EFR EFR6758 (53. DPS Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo for Dodge Cummins 1988 - 2018. On 3 Custom SS Exhaust Housing Inlet Flange/Clamp +$45. FEATURED PRODUCTS. View Cart. 96ar +$180. Alternate Views: Our Price: $3,149. Ball Bearing RS6 K24 hybrid Turbos. Is the cornerstone of series 8mm turbine shaft, and the double ceramic bearing which is completely compatible to the bearing of Garrett. A Ball Bearing Turbo for the 6. Part Number: 1071008. 5" Outlet compressor housing. A clean-slate ball bearing turbo with state of the art aerodynamics, this turbo combines all new compressor and turbine aero with exotic high temperature alloys. This was the standard go-to for Turbo manufacturers. Joined Apr 18, 2020. The variable can change it's a/r ratio infinitely between 2 set points. $ 569. Queens . The Most Powerful Small Frame Turbo On The Market. Recently, we cut an IS38 turbo bearing housing into sections to upgrade to ball bearing turbo 06K145722H 06K145722A for Golf R and Audi S3. This is a ball bearing upgrade to the factory turbocharger. With their Xona Rotor Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing center sections, these turbos are great for those who are pushing huge numbers through their turbo, or are in the track/auto-x world and regularly see high-G corners that might interrupt oil flow. The Cavalli Turbo Stage Max Turbocharger is built for drop-in installation and generally can reuse factory tubing . $1,05000. NOTE: All of the turbo kits listed here are also available with Garrett brand GT plain and ball bearing turbocharger upgrade options. For industrial turbochargers we charge $500 plus the cost of parts. Apr 18, 2020 #1. This turbo features a Billet 62mm compressor wheel and a 62mm Turbine for quick spool. Not rated yet. This is a great match for the 2. 5 seconds after you hit the throttle over a non ball bearing turbo. All of our BL turbochargers come with an industry standard 1 year unlimited mileage warranty. The high-performance 67mm turbo was designed to fulfill the demand from customers who desire a direct-bolt-on turbo for the E888 Gen3 platform. This is the next generation of bolt-on turbochargers for the FA20DIT that feature a ball-bearing upgrade to the factory turbocharger. Jan 04, 2014 · 3. 5 - 2003 Power Stroke 7. Garrett Gen2 GTX 2860 ball-bearing Turbo for up to 475 crank HP. Forced Performance Red Journal Bearing Turbo - DSM 7. GTX3582r 836047-5002s upgrade ball bearing turbocharger. Ceramic Ball Bearing GTD1756VRK hybrid turbo built using MFS GEN II Billet Wheel. AGP 50 trim: This has been the standard that all street/pump gas turbos have been measured against for years. $4,250. The Garrett 739619-5004S PowerMax GTP38R Turbocharger is a must have for any 1999. Special Price $794. Capable of 450+hp, this quick spooling turbocharger is a fantastic upgrade for "hot street" trucks that are still daily driven, and tow often. 0 TDI for someone looking for a fast daily driver. For our universal line of Ball Bearing Performance Turbochargers please visit us at www. The genuine Garrett Dual Ball Bearing GT3076R is the fastest spooling and most responsive 500+ HP capable turbo on the planet & is now available in a drop-in package for the Subaru WRX/STI! The easy to install turbo assembly that takes only takes 1-2 hours to install. The SteamSpeed STX 76R Ball Bearing Turbo for BMW N55 PWG is a complete turbo upgrade for your BMW featuring a dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge and a custom GTX3076R sized compressor and turbine wheels. Other Precision Turbo rebuilds or replacement parts will ensure you get the most out of your new turbocharger. 7 psi) of boost. 3L PowerStroke engine- The GTP38R Turbo- A Garrett exclusive ball bearing cartridge for unbeatable response, efficiency, and durability. - Model years 1999. 5. 005mm (5μm)-0. 8 bar (27psi) 310hp aprox. I whant to set preassure to 2 bar (30 psi) to get near 350hp, but this turbo of course won't hold it because has 7 years and many milleage. Included in the price: Gas manifold flange - turbine Exhaust pipe flange - turbine Necklace gas manifold - turbin Application: 1/98-11/98. FP 71HTA Turbocharger - DSM 6. Sep 10, 2018 · In an automotive application a ball bearing turbo will spool up faster IF you dont know how to drive a turbo car. GotTuned’s GTD1756VRK hybrid MFS GEN II Billet Wheel is a …. This turbo is designed to provide early torque for a more stock-like response but with loads more power and power holding throughout the . Jul 20, 2018 · We have already had the IS38 turbo upgrade CHRA with a larger billet compressor wheel to bring more boost. This high-performance hybrid turbo was designed by CTS engineers to fulfill the demand from customers who desire a direct-bolt-on turbo for their existing IS12, IS20 or IS38 turbocharger. 7L Powerstroke. AUDI SKODA VW GOLF/R GTI MK7 Upgrade Ball Bearing Turbo Brand New and Complete CHRA balanced by Turbo Technics. Our CHRA to a dual-ball bearing that is made from heat-resistant ceramic. ** Ball Bearing Turbocharger. 00. Garrett G25 660 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo. We have a lot of experience in upgrading standard turbochargers without changing its external dimensions. Tomioka Racing uses genuine ball bearings for the hybrid turbocharger with matched porting to the factory-sized turbocharger housing and TR billet wastegate actuator. 0 A/R compressor cover with the ported shroud improves compressor flow range for surge control, the matching 4" intake hose is included. Ball Bearing Upgrades A Ball Bearing Conversion improves response of the turbocharger and makes it more reliable. Point Milled compressor wheel. If you are just someone who hits the throttle at an idle and wants to go fast, ball bearing turbos can provide transient response times and achieve boost levels as much as 25 percent higher for the first 1. Keep in mind ball bearing is purely a durability mod and doesn't always translate into better spool or response when comparing two units of identical wheel specs. Included in the price: Gas manifold flange - turbine Exhaust pipe flange - turbine Necklace gas manifold - turbin A rebuildable Ball Bearing Turbo for the OBS 7. This turbo is fully rebuild-able in house here. Jul 29, 2009 · The GT37R dual ball-bearing turbo A Garrett exclusive ball bearing cartridge for unbeatable response, efficiency, and durability. It was here that it received the term ‘cartridge ball bearing’. ATP Garrett Dual Ball Bearing Twin-scroll GT3071R Bolt-on Turbo Kit, EVO X - Internally wastegated Part # ATP-VEVO-020 Model Years: 2008 + Engine: 2. As an added bonus, Turbonetics even includes a 3" coupler to connect to aftermarket cold air intakes. These JWT 530 Ball Bearing turbos for the 1990-1996 Nissan 300zx TT are the best upgrade for someone wanting great spool up in their Nissan 300zx TT but also wants good top end power! Great for autocross or weekend warriors. The kit. Elimination of the thrust bearing eliminates Failures at elevated boost levels The upgrade results in lower intake and exhaust gas temperatures as well as reduced backpressure for more efficient air flow A Turbonetics turbocharger for your diesel is an easy way to make great horsepower on your Cummins, Powerstroke or Duramax powered truck. The turbocharger is fully rebuildable and upgradable. 1/54. Whether you are looking for the perfect towing turbo diesel or want to make huge power to compete on the strip or pulling track, Turbonetics Ball Bearing turbochargers are what you need. 99 – $ 1,249. 9/67 mm) Ball Bearing Turbo Exducer- 65mm. Quick view. A "Diesel" upgrade turbo promising to lower EGTs (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) and provide massive airflow improvements over your stock turbocharger. PULSAR PSR 7375G aka G42-1200 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo (not Compact) View Cart. It is also one of the few VNT ball-bearing turbos. Read more. (FTW-WRXXR) BIG FRAME Subaru WRX Turbocharger upgrade (drop in) Sale price. Great power. 99. the only time ball bearing should really be necessary is when the plans for the turbo include it being over-driven to hell (high boost, large compressor on a small turbine in a small a/r housing) or lots of on/off/on throttle application such as a road course. This kit INCLUDES the s370 Ball Bearing SPE Turbo specifically built for the 6. Garrett’s all new G25-660 is smaller and outflows all comparable products on the market. Anti-surge ported shrouding and billet wheels are available as an upgrade. Capable of 1000 hp+. ** These turbos require a 5 bolt downpipe to work on the 300zx. I don't mind installing a higher stall converter, but bottom line I want this car to be very responsive and fun on the street. Starting at $136 /mo with Affirm. 02. Get superior performance with Nissan aftermarket parts from Enjuku Racing. Excellent Dual ceramic ball bearing system provides optimal turbo response & better durability by reducing the shaft-motion Upgrade 66*88mm billet compressor wheel provides over 30% airflow than the stock 60*80mm wheel Upgrade 1. -. Standard Subaru 5-bolt flange type. When we set out to develop this turbo, we wanted a ball bearing that was high quality. The turbo has a perfect balance between spool-up time and power capabilities of 400+ hp. . The main advantage of the ball bearing technology is the turbo response, as you won't experience the turbo lag commonly associated with the journal bearing turbos. The . This item Billet Turbo Compressor Wheel Upgrade EFR EFR9180 (72/95 mm) Ball Bearing Billet Compressor Wheel fit Garrett GT2554R 42. 3L F-series Power Stroke equipped engines. Turbocharger longevity increases greatly. Dieselsite's Wicked Ball Bearing Turbo for the 7. Monday-Friday 9am-3pm Pacific Time. $5995. Order a PTE ball bearing turbo to make a run for the championship, while street enthusiasts on a budget can go with a journal bearing turbo. This rebuild kit also fits some blouch turbos such as the dominator ball bearing series and the 20g XT-R. Application AUDI A1 A3 /Skoda Octavia /VW GOLF/R GTI MK7 Upgrade Ball Bearing Turbo Arashi Item No. Estimated to ship direct from manufacturer on 09/01/21, pending manufacturer availability. A hybrid turbo will also have stronger bearings (ball bearings), be better balanced and have stronger seals. com for more information. Revolution Turbocharger Upgrades Garrett's ball bearing cartridge has proven its worth in the highest level of motorsports where it has been the bearing system of choice in CART FEDEX ChampCar Series, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, World Rally Championship, and most recently Drag Racing. PULSAR GTX3067R Ball Bearing Turbocharger. Rolandb246 Probationary Member. I'll try to provide some technical data about the stock system, and its weaknesses . We also offer to rebuild ball bearing turbochargers. This turbo has a perfect balance between spool-up time and power capabilities of 400+ hp. Join our Rewards Program & save! A rebuildable Ball Bearing Turbo for the OBS 7. Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo Upgrade Kit Item #17201-17070 Price: $1637 Status: Limited Availability [Why?] Core Charge: $800 (US customers) or $1300 (foreign customers) This is the highlight of our products, this turbo is the piece that belongs on the S4 Esprit. It is proven efficient between 550-650p and a max flow of ~700hp. 5psi on E30 before the factory MAP sensor and fuel system were maxed out. Jul 19, 2018 · Features of OTS Dual Ceramic Turbo Ball Bearing System. Product # {{ productPartNumber }} $ 2,796 99. A Dual Ball Bearing oil and water cooled CHRA designed to handle high boost operation with ease, water cooling must be used with this turbocharger. Garrett 3076R CHRA. Compressor wheel inducer: 72mm. This enhances reliability and boost from lower RPM levels. Dieselsite WT6694 Wicked Ball Bearing Turbo Upgrade. KKK, Holset HX, Garrett GT and other series turbochargers upgrades for petrol and diesel engines. 9 & 2. At JDS Performance Turbos we offer professional upgrade, cleaning and rebuild services. 5-2003 7. Jim Wolf Technology JWT Sport 700 Twin Turbo Ball Bearing Upgrade Kit w/. Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger Direct (drop in) performance turbocharger for 1999. FP 68HTA Turbocharger for DSM 3. Drop-In Design. 3L trucks. SPE 6. If your X3 is the base non-intercooled model, then an OEM or aftermarket intercooler will be needed in addition to this kit. #2 · May 16, 2005. For smaller jobs we charge $300 to rebuild each journal bearing turbo plus the cost of parts. However a ball bearing cartridge is the latest affordable ball bearing technology providing much momentous performance enhancements to a turbocharger. Toggle menu. Manufacturer: Dodge. FP JB BLACK™ Turbocharger for DSM Flanged Vehicle (Internal Wastegate) 8. Both the compressor and turbine housings are modified to accept larger wheels, while the internals are upgraded to a ball bearing system. Mar 25, 2001 · Given 2 turbochargers of identical wheel trim and housing trim, the ballbearing turbo will have the following advantages over the flat bearing turbo: 1: Quicker boost response. 68ar +$180. Dual ceramic ball bearings produce less frictional resistance and are more durable than metal counterparts. Turbocharger Add-Ons. from $1340 . The Turbo Systems Stage 1 turbocharger starts life as a genuine IS38 turbocharger, which is then heavily upgraded for better performance response. Ball-bearing turbos also cost more than similarly-sized conventional-bearing turbos. 7L Emperor Turbo Kit is a 100% drop-in turbo system for the 2011-2019 6. SKU: DPS-Turbo-BallBearing-Choose. On 3 Performance Stainless V-Band In/Out Exhaust Housing . We use a GT28 or GT30 ball bearing cartridge to increase output by over 25% without sacrificing spool. This unit comes standard with a ported 4" Inlet / 2. 7 1. A rebuildable Ball Bearing Turbo for the OBS 7. 0t Audi engines, s6 s7 rs6 rs7 s8. Lowest Price Guarantee. Sale price. 0L 4B11 Turbocharged Inline 4 The Garrett® Evo X Turbo Upgrade allows you to push your AWD, rally-bred monster up to an estimated 475 HP with the Garrett® GT3071R. Apr 20, 2020 · Choices are slim when it comes to direct-fit and ball bearing. TR Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS / Toyota 86 FT86 Ball Bearing Turbo Kit. com. Garrett Powermax GTP38R turbocharger features an outstanding ball-bearing cartridge that offers high efficiency, response and makes it durable. The removal of thrust bearing eliminates failures at high boost levels. GTX3076r 700382-5001s upgrade ball bearing turbocharger. 3L engine with a Ball Bearing Turbo that includes the high performance Wicked Wheel 2 and mechanical wastegate controller. The kit comprises a turbine housing for reduced back pressure and reduction in the exhaust gas. The result is a direct bolt on application of the Garrett Turbos GTX3076R for the S63TU motor. Improvements include: Larger 2260 size compressor & turbine; Latest-gen VNT mechanism Garrett Gen2 GTX 2860 ball-bearing Turbo for up to 475 crank HP. 2003-06 Ford 6. A turbocharger that improves a light duty diesel's performance by incorporating the patented dual ball bearing cartridge. Save $100. I sell rebuild kits, rebuilt turbos, and ball bearing turbos. This is done by replacing the traditional thrust bearing and journal bearing assembly with a dual ball bearing cartridge assembly. ” According to Honeywell, a leading manufacturer of automotive turbochargers, the time-to-boost improvement attributable to ball bearings can be up to 70 percent. Click on the photos below for more info: Gemini 220hp Turbo Kit . Nov 15, 2016 · In automotive applications, especially in high-performance systems, ball bearings provide better transient response, which means they help reduce any “turbo lag. Exducer- 65mm. 3L OBS 1994-1997. The SPE 6. 00 USD. GTX3582R 803715-0001 803715-1 803715-5001S ball . The 8mm dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge provides optimal turbo response and reliability through its reduction in shaft motion. Product Description. Sep 01, 2021 · Turbonetics Ball-Bearing Turbo Upgrade Kit 2003-06 Ford 6. FREE Shipping. Connects perfectly to your stock intake . 5L! Stock and replacement turbos (including the HX35) are manufactured with a journal bearing. Any thoughts, advice, recommendations are truly appreciated. FOR RACE TRACK USE ONLY. Many turbochargers are universal models, meaning you can use them to retrofit or upgrade pretty much any vehicle. 4L motor for maximum power with the stock rev limiter and the only "old technology" turbo worthy of being installed. 5 - 2003 7. Add to Wish List . Jul 30, 2018 · Turbo Upgrades and Rebuild services. ball bearing turbo upgrade